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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started Brookings Counseling Solutions as a way to serve the mental health needs of our community.  We are committed to helping you through your healing and wellness journey. We pride ourselves on matching our approach with your individual needs.


In February 2018, Brookings Counseling Solutions was born out of a conversation between Melissa Klemm and Erin Stearns. A month later, a lease was signed and doors opened for buisness August 1. The partnership continued 5 years and ended when Erin's husband accepted a position that moved them out of the area. Melissa stays devoted to carrying out thier mission and helping individuals, couples and families heal and achieve wellness, one person at a time.

Melissa started her work with victims of trauma and abuse in 1997 as an advocate for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She attended South Dakota State University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Counseling, graduating in 2003. She completed her drug and alcohol education at Killian Community College in 2007.

Post graduate school, she provided counseling services at Killian Community College, The Glory House, Urban Indian Health, Lutheran Social Services, and Sanford Health. The knowledge, experience and relationships gained over the years came together when she made the decision to open her practice.

Today, she continues to expand her treatment options that include evidenced based practices, holistic healing, and wellness inclusive practices.


Meet The Team

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